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Дневник пользователя Sunxuemei

What is the noobiest thing you have done on Runescape?
Добавлено Sunxuemei, Пятница, Август 7, 2020 - 02:08

Back in 2006 I used to go around and we would play with RuneScape gold together. I thought it was amazing and got a ring of recoil for the very first time, however I did not know it degrades when I realised it'd disappeared I chased him. I literally had a full blown debate with him and we didn't talk for a days.

Hours on tut Island creating a lot of bronze daggers and swords believing I could use them later only to find it out vanished if you teleport to mainland. Also got lost my first time around, didn't recognize you have to talk to the mage striking a chicken so I walked all the way back to the start before somebody told me to talk to the mage

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