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This stat tells PoE Goods you
Добавлено Mocsky234, Воскресенье, Декабрь 22, 2019 - 03:25

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There are more ways to avoid damage -- block (your character blocks incoming assault and PoE Goods does not take damage from it), dodge/spell dodge (allows you to dodge attacks and charms similarly to evasion) -- these are usually utilized as extra layers of defense along with one of the earlier mentioned defense mechanisms.

Estimated harm reduction -- associated with armour, this stat tells you just how much physical harm you are mitigating. The stat could be boosted by certain specific items, Basalt and Granite flasks prices and other options.

A pure cap is 75% of each resistance but it can be lifted by armed items, auras, elemental flasks or specific nodes around the passive skill tree. When you're approaching end-game (at least LVL 60-65), make sure you have all of resistances except insanity capped at 75% since with uncapped resistances you will die frequently. If you want, you can put money into Chaos immunity, however from my experience, even with -60% Chaos resistance isn't so fatal.

Chance to block -- this stat tells us how likely we are going to block monster attacks by using shield, staff or dual wielding weapons. You take no harm when you block the attack. Particular unique items or nodes on passive skill tree leaves your block chance apply to spells too, therefore, helping you to block not only strikes but spells as well. The cap for an opportunity to block attacks and spells is 75%. Yet another thing you should keep in mind -- once you block the attack, the game calculates whether or not the assault you blocked could have stunned you, if Cheap PoE Currency it would happen, obstructing animation is played and you are stunned for a moment. The stun duration will be reduced by stats like faster stun and block healing and increased block recovery .

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