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What is the noobiest thing you have done on Runescape?
Добавлено Sunxuemei, Пятница, Август 7, 2020 - 02:08

Back in 2006 I used to go around and we would play with RuneScape gold together. I thought it was amazing and got a ring of recoil for the very first time, however I did not know it degrades when I realised it'd disappeared I chased him. I literally had a full blown debate with him and we didn't talk for a days.

Hours on tut Island creating a lot of bronze daggers and swords believing I could use them later only to find it out vanished if you teleport to mainland. Also got lost my first time around, didn't recognize you have to talk to the mage striking a chicken so I walked all the way back to the start before somebody told me to talk to the mage

When I first started playing and after a few weeks killing cows I convinced my mom. I moved to Taverley gate because that is the way to a members area I understood at the moment, pushed through wolf mountain and catherby and ended up in marketplace where I saw people stealing cakes. I trained my thieving and went back into the booth and after a couple of Inventories of cakes that a playermod began talking to someone from the chat.

I understand I was young but I still don't really get how I misunderstood the roles of thieving and player moderators in RuneScape but. I stated something along the lines of I'm really very sorry and ran away from the market and logged out soon after. I bum believed that a participant moderator was going to ban me. My cousin told me about the wilderness. Didn't realize that they had been a higher level than me. I wound up running away from them once I discovered before we got there.

I have a ton of super nooby moments in memory, but some favs - in'06/07 - being a f2p noob and thinking that abyssal whips were actually sausage links and wondering why so many people were running around wielding sausage links also, the classic trading out my full mithril to have it trimmed and then never seeing it again and being heartbroken. Rather than understanding how combat lvls functioned and needing mine to appear"reddish" (higher lvled) to individuals if they right clicked me. So I recall walking around lumbridge for a lvl 11, asking people"whats my battle? Is my lvl red?".

And THEN in 2015 - I came back to RS(3) briefly after not having touched RuneScape at all since 2011. I wished to train just a bit of slayer so I went into the g/e to catch some gear. And without even questioning it I was like"oh whaaatt? Bandos platelegs are something now?! And they're so cheap?! dank." So I purchased them. Until I realized they were really rune platelegs?? they were worn by And for a good while (thanks to the RS3 graphics and me being high and all, ugh). And then eventually I was like"wait, why the hell am I even playing with this and not osrs?"Runescape needs Gamers Place RuneScape on Epic and steam games store

You know the two of these places take reductions out of their revenue generated by revenue through their platforms right? They do not do it and jagex is large enough to not receive any special status from OSRS Money. Steam require a 30% reduction and epic require 12%. There is not any way they do not try to create money from revenue runescape generates through their store. Thus from jagex's place, they need to know that being on those shops would make them more money than it's likely to cost to get on them and go through each of the logistics needed for that. Keep the gains in house and it's probably better to spend money on advertising.

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