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After 15 seconds, he'll become competitive, and hit 60s
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When they're dead, the HAM members will run. No, they are not dead after all. Oh well. Zanik picks up where she left off. Zanik claims that since it has some power of Dalgroth, it is near indestructable. Zanik mentions that while immobilized, she learned stuff about Bandos, such as RuneScape Mobile gold that Dalgroth is his supernatural ability, making a number of his ogre followers around immortal.

You suggest destroying the box the same way you defeated the Ogre Shamans in Watchtower: using a potion. Head to Yanille and make a potion just like the one from Watchtower, that is, with guam foliage, jangerberries and bat bones. Although I do not know what sequence you create it because it DOES matter. When you have created the potion, take it into the Watchtower Wizard and ask him to enchant it. Head to Dorgeshkan and bank for a huge battle. Tell Oldak you're prepared, and he'll direct you to his portal machine. In Yubiusk, use your potion on the box. The box will burst.

Wait, I hear something. Is it an earthquake? It appears to be a thumping, only in a blueprint, like marching.... Into the portal! This planet may have lifetime after all, and it sounds like really major life at that!

After 15 seconds, he'll become competitive, and hit 60s. Yeah, 60s. If you flip on protect from mage, you won't need to worry about him. Just use a second dose of your potion on the Shaman and he will get hit for 100 and perish. Then change to protect from melee and buy OSRS gold deal with all the Orks themselves. When they're dead, you will return to Dorgeshkan.

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