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fifa ultimate coins remaining 8 people is located in screenshots among

fifa ultimate coins remaining 8 people is located in screenshots among
Добавлено Faitat08, Среда, Май 28, 2014 - 06:38

Spain Kings Cup semi-final first leg Real Madrid 1:1 FC Barcelona at home, heightened scrutiny by the media before the game Messi versus Cristiano Ronaldo did not achieve the expected heat, even bland, meritorious for Barcelona and Real Madrid while Fabregas and Titans have won the young central defender Vallanet this battle, Mary King and Cristiano Ronaldo didn't play their best and competitive State. Messi assists small to break, but they rarely break opportunity and Ronaldo had break opportunities but missed. In fact, from another perspective, not both of them played well, but both teams were too familiar with one another, the deployment of other key characters were targeted and strictly measures marking first take a look at real's overall defense and a marking on Messi. Subsection 9 points 40 seconds, Barca from right road passing advance, Messi in road partial zuolei Department of regional pickup, and see Real Madrid of hedila and other defensive players is how defensive of, as Figure 1-3 Barca passing attack, except Peake and Puyol and the goalkeeper outside, remaining 8 people is located in screenshots among; and defensive party of Real Madrid, still has 10 name players participation defensive, and as Barca of passed mobile location. As you can see, although Real Madrid's defense team are moving, but the whole defense team did not appear confusing and Windows can be seen from the above figure 4, Figure 5, Real Madrid in overall defense, strengthening defense and protection for the middle and temporarily give up the pavement marking (white areas). Especially on Barca from road of zhichuan, for has seal plugging and interdiction, while cannot soon will ball Rob Xia, but at least can up to delaying and seal plugging of role, orders Barca of road tie cannot formed has threat of penetration also, for Messi of defensive, especially face small jumped Sao of breakthrough, Real Madrid of collective Wai Rob also up to has good of effect, as Figure 6, and 71, and Figure 11 in the, hedila of low ball oblique pass accurate found has right of Ernie Zirl, torn has Barca of Defense 2, and Figure 12 in the, Ernie Zirl direct cross for Ronaldo's flank in front of goal has created very favorable conditions, but in the end destroyed by the g in Figure 13 tackles Ronaldo's fast, I am afraid that Barcelona players on defense and no one can, but Barcelona for Ronaldo defending the use of the approach of enemy soldiers without a fight. As not and Ronaldo spell speed, in Ronaldo with ball up speed zhiqian on used foul, and or seal plugging its teammate passing, and or beat shovel ball damage, way for smashed Messi and Ronaldo of dialogue and contest may is this era Xia, Spain de than war in the eternal of topic one, but two people this bondage are is not made scored also description has both of defensive more pragmatic and has pointed. Real Madrid's shrinking defense, compressed space, protecting the middle left Barcelona without too much space for passing and breakthrough; for Ronaldo and Barcelona breakthrough speed and restrictions are also very clever. War of King's Cup semi-final round will move to the NOU camp and then, at that time, Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo, who can play a more eye-catching even decide on our fate, and the Titans have won and the Cosmos who could pull in recent King's Cup finals, we will have to wait.

Вос, 2016-10-30 03:40
изображение пользователя miss-krasota

Вокал - это прекрасное искусство на нашей Земле!

Вос, 2016-10-30 03:41
изображение пользователя miss-krasota

Очень полезная информация, мне помогла, спасибо автору большое!

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