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They are no OSRS gold

They are no OSRS gold
Добавлено Mocsky234, Воскресенье, Декабрь 15, 2019 - 00:48

изображение пользователя Mocsky234

The problem with all MTX based systems are they are no OSRS gold based on"skill" they are coded in a manner your true prospect of winning the thing you desire is nearly not possible. Precisely the exact same way slot machines work, it integrated into a console ecosystem. If it skill 14, I really don't have an issue with MTX. E.g you purchase 10 tokens which then allows you to shoot a cannon ball to a target, there is no reason behind the scenes code to create your win percentage 1%, just simply your reaction time and ability determines your reward. Opening"chests" or even loot crates or however you need to call it is essentially gambling as it's not even a game of chance, the system is made for you shed. I welcome the focus and hope there is reform to Runescape along with all other games.

I recall how OSRS's worlds were DDoS'd because of something that occurred, yet another time there was the gay pride event that went unpolled (which it actually was going about it being unpolled, Halloween and Christmas were polled) so the community became incredibly homophobic and racist as well as self ratted to news websites to blow it up larger and create the runescape game look awful. MTX will kill Jagex if it's ever added to OSRS In the event the community is willing to do this for some modifications or enhancements which are against their will. I'd imagine immense DDoS'ing lots of attacks away from the community defacing the twitch category using OSRS as it is banner and hell put porn on it and people trying to take within the website itself like Lulzsec did into the FBI's website.

The purpose is that the vast majority of the runescape player base are individuals who stopped Rs already and only came back because they released a version of this runescape game without all of the bullshit. Should they add it to osrs naturally you will find some who will stay like RS3 but a large quantity of the runescape player foundation doesn't have any trouble quitting to resist jagex.

This is what is going to make me quit after I finished my last quests. I truly wanted to get in the simpler high-level Bosses but I just cant stand fighting against the battle system and shifting that much (and also to grind the cash for the switches)1 or two switches for some more complicated bosses is okay but in my view its becoming ridiculous.Also the tick system already cost me a few nerves on reduced level supervisors so I truly agree with your opinion.

I truly enjoyed challenging bosses in comparable games but I want to lern them RS at this moment.I somehow always come back to rs to research new content, do the new quests an kill some lower lvl managers for the sake of nostalgia and fun but sadly I cant stand the battle system for higher level PvM that's sad because I would like to test it with my limited time I think im better off by moving on and playing different games and how to make money on runescape old school return in 1 to make the new quests and also test out the new stuff (which shouldn't be what jagex wants runescape players to do).

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