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We had some articles fall through the cracks

We had some articles fall through the cracks
Добавлено Megaomgchen, Вторник, Декабрь 31, 2019 - 00:04

We've done our best to make it very apparent that this subreddit should not gold be support site, or a way to seek help as best we can, with our rule of"No posts regarding account help", including filters to auto hide certain posts which would need to be manually accepted. It will not help that consumers remake their articles to prevent this filter, or will see this reword. We have also seen articles where users likely bought up votes, or share their particular posts in order to secure extra focus. It is hard to establish those in most cases, we could only base it off traffic we've got each hour, and it seems shitty to maybe ban somebody who's looking for aid.

We had some articles fall through the cracks, we eliminated far too late. A recent case in point is this post here, where it remained up for a couple hours, had some Jmod gilded answers, 2500 + upvotes, and a lot of comments. While it's wonderful to cheap RuneScape gold find this man getting aid, we typically see a influx of other users hoping to seek aid soon after. Personally I would like if Jmods wouldn't directly intervene as it reveals a bad precedence, or only show them in which to submit a service ticket.As far as the dupe bug at the 2007scape sub, that's pretty normal for any gambling subreddit.

You need to read the language and tonality to understand from a neutral point of view when a person is simply speaking out of psychological frustration or are being intent on it. It is obsolete in website design I agree, but I don't agree that information has to be outright outsourced to 3rd party platform and completely abandon their very own official business forum. In my side of my experience. I have seen coherently unreasonable users that bash the forum mods though they are claiming to be right when they're in the incorrect. Releasing anger on the internet doesn't make one more right than another person.

I need Jagex to actually give teasers from the streams, not force you to monitor websites. One centralized location where Jagex shares info and is easily available to all users is much better than Twitter, Reddit, Discord. They can tweet or place information in other places, after it being published on the stream. My difficulty is, articles information about something and that right now J-mods select which ever platform suits them or even go as far as immediate messaging information. It is essentially locking majority of runescape player foundation from this knowledge.

Take for example the frog deal - it wasn't even in the patch notes. I also always hear from my friends of"somebody said that you will need X, Y, Z" for new content or any specific change will be created, but I haven't even seen it myself, despite checking in on Reddit every few days. I feel some time ago, somebody uploaded DM's on Discord w/ a revealing shared information about rs gold rsgoldfast something else or an impending update. DIRECT MESSAGES! I'm quite certain some J-mods share information with friends, despite it being incorrect and I'm certain against the contract, but because many can continue to keep their mouths shut, it does not come public. Reddit has difficulty that it is conducted by community and the moderators will focus on protecting their views.

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