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Almost 80% of the cheap classic wow gold

Almost 80% of the cheap classic wow gold
Добавлено limmzhou, Понедельник, Январь 11, 2021 - 02:23

Yeah I believe that but if folks don't want to level new personalities they then could play on the continued servers. The old world levelling is also considerably faster, you can certainly get to 60 over 2-3 weeks of sane playtime.

I truly think getting to wow classic gold content 2-3 weeks after to get a literal completely different server experience is worth it but I am in a minority.

A strict cap isn't going to work. As an instance, if they restrict it to 1000 gold then players/bots will buy subs or accounts to use as mules to disperse their gold across. If gold has been reset to 0, then players/bots would bring about copious amounts of materials to sell in TBC.

You will find a lot of players wanting to purchase vanilla career materials, for example. Additionally, there are some bis consumables which use vanilla herbs.

The only alternative which they aren't ever going to consider would be to reset everyone's gold, mailboxes, the auction house, banked and bagged items leaving just the BoP ones.

And the greatest reason not contemplate it, is that unless they follow a serious attempt to halt gold buyers/sellers, then change only hurts honest players.

Almost 80% of the cheap classic wow gold new folks we take in seem to turn out to be golden farmers. (I think that the gold farmers are more prevalent as they use WoW as a project and bounce between scripting and really controlling their toon) We've never gotten any kick backs from such personalities but we generally take like 2 raids to determine they are gold sellers to be able to kick them from guild.

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