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Mmoexp: Elden Ring Grim Reaper Build 1.07 Spells

Mmoexp: Elden Ring Grim Reaper Build 1.07 Spells
Добавлено Rozemondbell, Вторник, Июнь 11, 2024 - 06:00

Elden Ring Grim Reaper Build 1.07 Spells

When it comes to the Spells we use for this best Patch 1.07 reaper build Elden Ring, we've got Golden Vow which we actually don't meet the requirements for this point of the game. We've got Flame Grant Me Strength to further boost your physical damage you do almost exclusively physical damage, you do a little fire damage when you're buffed with Bloodflame delayed but not much because our faith is not very high.

Throw in Beastial Vitality here just as a way to give you some healing over time. You have a lot of health and it doesn't give you a ton of healing but it's not a bad way to top up your health periodically. You're going to have a lot of FP with this build so it's not a bad thing to have there. You don't have to have it but I just find it useful now.

We also have Bloodflame Blade and Poison Armament one of these will give you fire damage Bloodflame Blade and further bleed buildup adding to your weapon and will also give you the Bloodflame sort of ability. Meaning that if you hit enemies with it their bleeding build-up will continue to go up a little bit in between attacks which will prevent it from going down. Combined with the native blood buildup of the Grave Scythe, this work really well on bosses.

Then we have Poison Armament here as well. There's no reason not to have this one. If you're fighting bosses that are immune to bleeding like The Crucible Knight for instance or other bosses, it's a good alternative and you can swap out the Lord of Blood's Exultation for Kindergarten's Exultation to basically give you the same attack power. But you just won't be triggering Hemorrhage which will reduce your damage overall against that enemy but it's better than they are immune to bleeding. So it's a good way to put poison on them which will give you a little bit of extra damage boost you wouldn't get anyway.

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