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likely be wether it is OSRS gold
Добавлено limmzhou, Пятница, Октябрь 18, 2019 - 02:10

(Like for those Venezuelans playing Runescape is a much greater use of the time than it's for someone out of a first world nation ) If you truly want to avoid being influenced by this type of stuff as far as you can, which you are likely be wether it is OSRS gold Venezuelans attempting to put food on the dining table or only any dude running a bot farm, then create an Ironman and play that.

He could consume from RWT'ing. Youencouraging and're accepting this activity in sport. It is for a good cause, but that doesnt take away the fact that what you just did need to get you banned. Why could Jagex have special attention for you if they ban every"normal" player by rwt or promoting it??

It is not farmers Jagex be worried about and that's why bot detection bad. It's fact that Jagex risk merchant status with credit card processors. Reason they care. They can not tell if bot or not and prohibit farm that is gold since detection poor. They prohibit macro not acc sharing.Jagex has falsely banned every account I've created on OSRS for botting/macro usage and because I can't allure the bans & do not wish to keep making new accounts over and over due to this, they've lost my business a paying member and a longtime player since 2005...

All I have are those YouTube videos until they decide to OSRS gold finally get their shit together and actually prohibit the spiders rather than real players such as me.Let's be fair, I don't believe there was any real ill intent giving this bad man some gold to feed his family. Sure there are different steps that could have been taken so he can transfer money straight but it's also possible he wasn't thinking of these steps in the moment.

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