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Your confidences that are finished blinds you
Добавлено MMOexpsitefans, Пятница, Июнь 19, 2020 - 03:26

You must bait somebody to bid and you have to realize Elway succs (card power to low this overdue, & he really succs). He can not market that low, also actual people do not buy your auctions.Here we proceed with this again. In a 10 minute bidding war to get a pc goin different increments!?! up NO You cannot see your own post from same IP address from ur device. Ppl see them at the same AH. There are 4 diff.

It changed two yrs ago during bangate. I had 7 accounts. 2 of these on the exact same AH of 3. Id post cards & buy myself aswell by submitting low bronze cards for countless buying them out of my whale account. All 7 got banned. 38 days after I received all 7 accounts bacc because I did nuthing wrong. All the coin buyers lost thier accounts. At you can see your posts. Before identification just change accounts.now it registers the posters apparatus IP. Account leaping dont assistance.

Oh my buddy. You truly have zero comprehension of the AH. The card you set up for auction travels to some"bot" AH, where the bot determines whether it will purchase your card. A"mirror" of your card (same time and similar cost ) will be submitted to 1 of 4"user" auction homes. It does not automatically mean your card is going to be bought and vice versa if the mirror is bought. A 100 OVR cannot be sold for under 1.16 mill basically, as a result of price floors. I am appalled at your lack of knowledge, yet you've got so much confidence of madden coins for some reason.

Ive played this since day 1. Your confidences that are finished blinds you. This the 1st year with bidding floors period. #2 A EA dev who got all 7 account unbanned for me clarified it & why I managed to receive them bacc. Trade I did & saw I had been purchasing CARDS I POSTED MYSELF vs the coin buyers that bought a card posted by somebody else could be seen by them. There are still 4 AHs. You cannot see your own articles. A MINIMUM bot is that purchases cards according to overall not electricity thats. Since day 1 & you dont remember bangate, noway you played. 2 yrs brah. Bout 25k. Accounts were prohibited in the first day & TALKING LIKE THIS brings attention to what you are obviously missing in the article.

You posting your"details" based off other articles you've read in reddit. Im recounting from experience. You're so lost, if you think they gon na pay a person. Much simpler to place a patch in to a ip of the poster than make some make believe place where posts are considered but not always bought in some bot ah or wutever that the you dreamed up. It is posted by you, you cant see it. Simple. If a bot was buying?! do some that you post sell in 15 min However, cards you need to post 15x's. Your assumptions lasted un-checc until now & now you believe a fairy tale AH was thought in by you until today. Its ok bro just go off now you're completely incorrect.

I am aware of bannings occurring. We are currently speaking about the way to more coins on mmoexp in which the auction home CURRENTLY operates. Your whole argument is that you can't view your auctions on the auction house. Obviously you can't view them you moron, they do not go to an auction house that is actual. Try submitting an onyx for 500 coins, it won't sell as a result of cost floors. You are an absolute buffoon. You're currently talking about things that happened bud, lots has changed since then. You are the only dipshit here. EA did not produce a new AH system slap nutts. They patched it so that you cannot see you are own post.I keep saying that since you always could before bangate. Earlier that year you could.thats why they patched it. Two years later & you still just blowing hot air speaking on something you do not get just believe because you keep repeating it lmao.

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