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The moment MUT gets killed off
Добавлено MMOexpsitefans, Суббота, Июль 11, 2020 - 06:05

EA attempted something similar. To have two expansion packs they had two groups. Problem is Madden nfl 20 coins, the code would stomp around each other occasionally, and when a problem arose, it would be a year before the team accountable for that portion of it could mend things. Slightly different situation here... but similar issue. Since either you need to set a limit on the differences so it's all the exact same anyway, or you run into a point where it feels like you are playing three different Madden NFL that have upgraded every three decades, new iterations of the identical game. One team can make upgrades that are substantial. Madden itself demonstrated that previously. The problem isn't that they need to throw more people at it. It is that they will need to actually have people on the staff who are focused on upgrading parts of Madden NFL 21 that are not the cash cow MUT. By hiring three development groups given that they will not bother to do that, they won't double the quantity of money they're spending.

The moment MUT gets killed off as being a means for them to find cash, they'll have to go back to producing a decent Madden to allow it to make money... and that's when we will find a good product again. Until MUT dies, won't happen. MUT rakes in the cash and Madden's yearly release really only serves as a $60 entry fee to the newest period of MUT. For the non-MUT fans, EA could not care less, because we're more prone to await earnings, or buy used, or perhaps simply spend the $60 once and that is it. Appeasing us doesn't matter. Kill MUT, and you're going to see again each year, that 1 development team can make updates. However, for now there no incentive. The cash isn't in even basic H2H people or the franchise. It's in MUT.

I really like this thread, I have been thinking the exact same thing for a while. Activision have groups working on CoD Madden NFL. You're paying for approximately four years development effort, when you purchase a CoD game. I will not be. They can do what they want.. If 2k puts together a decent arcade style game, I would be willing to bet the NFL informs them to begin building the base for a simulation game again. It's going to require a couple of years for them to construct that, so that EA got the license.

The main reason I believe this will occur is because the NFL wants to develop Madden NFL 21 to buy mut coins and EA can not do it the way 2k can. 2k has a track record using nba2k and are part of the reason why Madden NFL 21 is global now. We all have seen how firms can maintain Madden NFL living for an entire generation. If Madden offered that kind of model, with new roster DLC versus a yearly title,.it could not be any worse.

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