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And bias folks are OSRS gold

And bias folks are OSRS gold
Добавлено Mocsky234, Вторник, Декабрь 10, 2019 - 00:52

изображение пользователя Mocsky234

A prime illustration of just how deluded and bias folks are OSRS gold about this particular sub.Time and time again I see people mention RS3 stinks because it has low runescape playercount. That is such a ridiculous way of estimating a match. As of typing this, there are approx 27k RS3 and OSRS. In the grand scheme of things - 46k isn't a difference. Some of the games now are currently pulling on hundreds of thousands. Does this logic imply OSRS and RS3 are dumpster trash because they have runescape playercounts?

I know I am gonna get downvoted into shit for this but there is nothing sensible about the older model either (except possibly the helmet). Like how the hell are? How do the joints around the hips do the job? The long and short of it is, you would be about as portable as a statue in armour.

Let look at the RS3 model cuz it's also pretty bad. Those shoulders, you'd have next like this with something, like wtf. The legs have the exact same issue around the knees that the osrs model does you gonna flex your legs? It looks like"possibly" it's different plates, allowing some movement. The chain over the groin means there no actual plate, therefore congratz! You're able to walk! Still can't do much concerning lifting a defense or swining a sword!

It might be the only update here. As soon as it's obviously made entirely out of metal and couldn't possibly be light enough to be sensible, it is at least smaller, and a more historically accurate silhouette, although only barely. These models were created nearly 8 decades ago and are very outdated by RS3's criteria, so they're not exactly a prime example of armour design in RS3 anyway.

I am in favor of RS3 but I doubt it's that. It is likely more despair because the runescape accountant and game they adored taken away from these, the community divide, and both variations of this runescape game are not what people would've probably wanted or expected. RS2 was in an alright spot before RS3 dropped and had much better strategies for boss drop tables in the time that I think OSRS should have considered more. OSRS has completely made runescape gold 2007 skilling immaterial in that sense. Similarly most of us know the difficulties.

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