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The only thing that was changed 100%

The only thing that was changed 100%
Добавлено MMOexpsitefans, Вторник, Июнь 9, 2020 - 06:10

As a PSO2 Veteran, This is far superior than that which I could hope for PSO2 Meseta. The amount Darker, of brutality is a threat that is true and the sense of crisis is well shown here. I did not expect them to show us although I understand what going to happen! The pacing is fantastic too.Also, they DON'T grind and affix their weapons and components before going on quest. I bet because weap is at least power + power & +10 and a few spirit MC was doing much harm, and all novices used +0 with no affix.

They likely discussed matters with SEGA on how to handle these titles so it'll be constant once PSO2 drops for Western palyers next calendar year. But I agree, it is weird. Especially when there's a bit disconnect between the audio and subtitles, like if they shout"Code D!" (for"Darker") however, the subtitles say"Code F". Funny.I was wondering exactly what names were changed. The comments yesterday 6, I checked and individuals made it seem like all of the character names were changed or something. Do you think Falspawn is the official localized title in Phantasy Star Online 2 or something?

The only thing that was changed 100%, nah was Falspawn that I thought was a choice. That isn't a big deal as long as the pronunciation kinda makes sense and rather stays true to the original titles. I am overall kinda pleased with the translation choices to the names.Pretty jarring also since the Audio clearly stated Darkers and D-Factor lol. Naberius gets a pass as it's pretty near sound wise, but still odd as a player I would say.

I was expecting all of the planet names to be different from what I'm used to. The character names are proving to be somewhat more difficult to adjust to, as well as like you said concerning the audio/subtitle disconnect.Like the Vopar - Wopal shift I guess that the v in Naverius was really intended from the start but it's b at the fan translation because in Japanese a v is generally represented by a b noise unless the Japanese actually bothers to spell it correctly in katakana. But they seldom do cause they frequently don't know the difference to the purpose of believing English words actually using b which appear in Western are in fact written using a v initially, sometimes resulting in a fairly awkward Engrish.

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