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Another thing with megathreads

Another thing with megathreads
Добавлено Weismart, Среда, Апрель 14, 2021 - 05:40

A directory thread may work, but honestly, in Animal Crossing Items my view having a massive list of megathreads is a bit messy/unintuitive.

Another thing with megathreads that rely on pictures, there is no way to view pictures at this moment, so the user would need to upload the pictures offsite themselves and place it. Which can be a massive hassle.

Can codes and questions be united? People already place their codes from the questions thread regardless of the rules anyway. That leaves a place open for a daily/weekly megathread for other subjects. Or make the codes thread its own daily/weekly scheduled article together with another ones and keep the questions thread. I feel those threads are fine and all, but the simple fact that they take precedence over major news or events is weird.

I mean it is your selection. Would you like to have more rules and to have to buy Animal Crossing Bells track the subreddit more? Or do you want to leave it as is and continue to risk the hostility in the remarks on the more controversial posts like the museum + edited pics articles, which would also need to be monitored more?

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