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The desert night may make us less thirsty

The desert night may make us less thirsty
Добавлено FryeJacob, Четверг, Июль 22, 2021 - 06:55

I think there should be day and night as well as OSRS gold weather conditions in RuneScape. The Day and Night can be adjusted to match the time zone of the server we connect to. This is a great idea!

Some quests may only be available at specific time of the day. Also, certain creatures, such as Vampires and undead, could be 'unavailable' in the daylight hours. Morytania could be an abandoned area during the day however, it is populated with creatures in the night.

The desert night may make us less thirsty, which is why carrying 1 or no water skins around will not be a problem. We should also be aware that some real-world creatures, such as the desert crocodiles, could be sleepy during the night. In the event of this happening, we'll need to either sneak past them or wake them and fight back!

The combat in RuneScape is affected by the timing of night and day. Certain spells of buy RS gold Magic like the Lunar spells are more effective at night. Ranging can also be difficult at night because it's difficult to discern in the dark.

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