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Can Sex Dolls Reduce The Birth Rate?

Can Sex Dolls Reduce The Birth Rate?
Добавлено uloversdoll, Четверг, Сентябрь 23, 2021 - 10:45

Sex Dolls Can Reduce The Birth Rate, Right?

Can Sex Dolls Reduce The Birth Rate?

With the advent of realistic sex dolls, the Japanese no longer desire to get married, they have a better solution. Sex is a way for couples to maintain their relationship. If this advantage ceases to exist, then this relationship will be difficult to maintain, and at the same time, they do not want their children to restrain themselves. Therefore, the birth rate in Japan is getting lower and lower. The government had to take coercive measures to restore normalcy. In order to attract more couples to have children, a number of preferential policies have been introduced.
But now it seems that the downward trend in the birth rate cannot be suppressed. The development of the silicone sex doll industry has allowed people to solve problems in intimate relationships in other ways, causing many couples to be unable to actively face and resolve asexual marriages. For sex dolls made of TPE and silicone, after a long period of unnatural deformation or partial compression, the sex dolls will appear wrinkles or dents. This is a normal phenomenon, and it will automatically recover after standing for a period of time (using hot water soaking, hot towels, etc. can shorten the recovery time).
Fall in love with wm dolls, perhaps because of this pressure? Buying a DIY lover you like, think about it this way, it's no different from a star chaser calling an idol husband, right? It's just that the sex doll has no life. In this way, apart from choosing to fall in love with sex dolls, there is really nothing to point out, just not in line with general ethical concepts. I am very happy and consider myself true love. Why should you care about what others say?

Now doll manufacturers want to make more realistic mannequins, which is also changing the rules of the game in the sex doll industry. The attempt to switch from plastic and rubber to TPE and silicone was adopted by the entire industry. In the decades of development of the sex doll industry, a complete idol worship culture has become a global phenomenon.
Hair transplant doll. In reality, the hair transplant silicone head looks very real, and the hairline and scalp are almost exactly the same as real people; beautiful. The head of the hair transplant makes the whole doll look very beautiful and has a very good look and feel; it is not easy to dye. Some low-quality wigs on the market will fade, and hair transplantation can avoid hair dyeing. The price is high. As mentioned earlier, the price of a single head is already around 2,000 US dollars, and the price of sex dolls will be higher; it is not easy to clean and maintain.
The implanted hair is closely connected to the entire head. If you clean your hair, you need to remove the entire head from the body, pay attention to makeup, and prevent water from entering when washing your hair; single. After the hair transplant, the hairstyle cannot be changed, only short cut or simple trimming; for the factory, because the hair transplant process is manually operated, defective products are prone to appear, which increases the cost of the enterprise.
The lover is a sour peach, and the Japanese doll is a sweet orange. If you like the taste of sweet oranges, you will not like the taste of sour peaches. We can see that many love dolls are now very lifelike and feel better than real people. You can feel that they are like a real person, giving you a more comfortable feeling.

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