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What's your biggest pet pieve in OSRS?
Добавлено Bestmengqin, Пятница, Июль 2, 2021 - 00:45

Because everyone is gonna run to go purchase the adapter for MKB on their own console to OSRS Fire Cape perform OSRS. Lol it doesnt make sense. Runescape is just not for games. I would like to port it over to console would not be easy. The amount of work that would want to go to it would take ages to get one, and for two it still wouldnt succeed in any way. And last, it could be a waste of resources and time because its not like their player base would boost by an important amount using a console interface. Having it on computer and mobile is fine. Not to mention could they even scale Runescape on console lol. It just wouldnt work. And the purpose would be defeated by saying to simply use a MKB service.

Should they put in the attempt to ensure it is available on consoles they would surely scale the ui and improve the customer. Since they dont have the time to do this today, so surely they would have enough time to spend on making it feasible for games. Honestly dude I will say this for the last time, they'd have to do to vent it to console. It simply wouldn't do the job, also it would be a complete waste to even attempt it. The whole point of games console ports is you get gamers who use controllers. Saying they would have to use a MKB is just stupid. And I like how you answer to one thing each time and ignore everything else. Im not sure why im even bothering debating with you. Anyone who believes Runescape would function on console is clueless.

I need the devs to have the ability to earn more content they want, although I adore this game. The polling process is nice but it makes Runescape lack management imo. Right, but EOC would not have made it even 40 percent. Eventually a Jagex parent company is going to take a look at the development price for articles which never makes it in to Runescape and scrape the polling system completely or cut the development to the point where they can hardly produce new content.

So long as they're making as much cash as they are plenty of business believe them on which makes Runescape great. In case Runescape were to become less rewarding be. Agreed 100%, the requirement has to be reduced to 65-60. Warding was like 73% but because it wasn't 75 percent it had been scrapped even after all of the time they put into it. I doubt we will ever receive a skill if the 75% remains. There's honestly maximum capers that are enough now adays that do not want to lose their capes to produce every new ability neglect a poll.

Coulda sworn it had been. It should be majority principles, 65 percent is over half of those gamers. I feel like if polling a new skill it shouldn't have a 75 percent threshold, its not a simple poll like"hey do you need a brand new slayer boss?" A new ability is a large update and there is definitely going to be some people that don't enjoy it, thats why we have not had a new ability since launch over 7 decades ago. Warding wasn't the first ability to be polled, however, the results are the same that they will all always fail unless the survey threshold is reduced. I have an issue with the polling system. Maybe it's nostalgia but that I miss waking up Buy Old School RuneScape Gold as a child and seeing a random update that is new.

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