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Single zone with a single character

Single zone with a single character
Добавлено MMOexpsitefans, Вторник, Июнь 23, 2020 - 03:56

Especially after degree scaling I don't understand why everyone says retail is not about wow gold travel. Sure it can be about the destination if you would like it to be, but there is a ton of"travel" in WOW Classic. For some people maybe they feel rushed for the end game, but that does not mean that the rest of WOW Classic isn't there. You outlevel zones. It is not scaling anywhere. It's just pieces of it scale to degree ranges. Let's be real here since I have leveled 5 characters from WOW Classic and enjoy 10 in retail in the previous 6 months and leveling in retail wow still stinks major fucking ass dude.

You can not play every single zone with a single character, but it doesn't mean you can outlevel the zones you choose to play a character. No it is not full level scaling, but if I go to the Badlands at par 45 I won't outlevel it before I finish the zone story, which was certainly not true before level scaling was introduced. Yes, you still have to pick and choose what sets to play in with a character, but it doesn't mean all that"journey" isn't in WOW Classic.

Yep, but you can't go to Badlands in 58 and finish the zone before having everything turn green or gray for you. Which just means you have to plan a path where you are constantly leveling in a way that's worth it or maintain questing in a suboptimal manner simply to spite the machine. In older games you can just run in a way and allow WOW Classicplay direct you. Retail has to throw locations at you through billboards because eventually you're going to outlevel everything about even if you aren't attempting to. And you know you're playing wrong finally because you can not even see quest markers that aren't worth doing for you unless you turn a setting on that tracks them.

Again though, that just means if you are in 58 then you won't perform Badlands that playthrough. By that time you've completed a dozen zones. I agree you can not do each zone in 1 personality, or probably two characters, but cheap wow classic gold there is still a whole lot of articles for a casual player to go through and appreciate WOW Classic in their own pace. If you are allergic to alts and wish to find each and every bit of content on one character afterward WoW's level scaling will not satisfy that. But there's simply no denying that WoW retail has lots and lots of content for people to explore if they choose to.

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